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Social Media Psychology 101

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There’s no doubt that having a great product or service is just the first step in having a successful business. A more important element is marketing your wares in such a way that it creates value in the eyes of a customer. Having a lucrative business that’s supported by loyal customers is about solving a problem; when you can fulfill a consumer need, you become valuable to them.

Social media optimization has become a big part of the customer engagement and retention aspect of web marketing. Although it has proved to be less successful as a marketing tool in the traditional sense, it has become essential to fostering customer interaction and satisfaction, creating added value by extension. Effective marketing is psychological at its foundation, but there are very specific ways that you can use the principles of psychology to attract and engage consumers via social media. Here are a few that you can put into practice today.

What’s In It For Me?

The most basic question that everyone asks is “Why?” Why should they choose your business? What will your product or service do for them that another, similar product or service can’t?

Social media is a great platform for asking – and answering – those questions in a way that’s up close and personal. The days of the big, faceless corporation are ending. People want to know that you will interact with them on a personal level, and that’s what effective social media engagement does.

Nobody Has Time For That

Another benefit of social media engagement that fills a psychological need is the instant gratification angle. People are busy, and you have very little time to engage them before they lose interest and move on. The truncated nature of a post on Facebook or the data limits of Twitter force companies to distill their message, separating the essential elements into bite-sized pieces for immediate consumption. With social media, your market can ask a question and get an answer almost immediately, in real time, if not from you, then from your other followers. That leads us to the next point.

Creating a Sense of Community

The nature of society today leaves people feeling isolated and disconnected from each other, and as much as we see people tethered to their various devices, they also find a sense of community – of belonging – online. Social media fills that meed for community in a big way, and a smart business owner will tap into that by using social media platforms to create a corporate family by extension. When your customers feel that they have a personal stake in the success of your business, when they are personally invested in it, they will support it and bring others into the fold.

Effective marketing is all about learning why consumers respond to stimuli in a particular way, and then using that information to your advantage. When you learn to satisfy basic psychological needs via social media engagement, you create value for your customers. When your customers feel valued, they’ll follow you anywhere.

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