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How To Choose The Right Casters For Food Service


The food service industry is one of the most demanding work environments for casters to operate in. Food services require versatility, durability, and strength from its equipment. Once more, since operations here are very time sensitive, there is little room for error. High quality food service casters help to keep things running smoothly in kitchens and restaurants.

A variety of appliances utilize casters, including freezers, refrigerators, ovens, prep tables, and shelves. During the course of the day, casters get exposed to water, oil, chemicals, and varying temperatures. They endure wear and tear as staff wheel them around at a fast pace. Therefore these casters have to be tough, and they must also meet industry standards.

Just about all food service appliances will be exposed to liquid at some point, be it through moisture in the air, cleaning, or food splatter. That means that the casters will get wet too. Because of this, rust is a leading reason for caster failure. Rust can also contaminate food. To combat this, high quality kitchen casters should be plated with stainless steel. Stainless steel plating is corrosion resistant, therefore an ideal metal for kitchen casters.

Wheel Tread
When it comes to wheel treads, some materials may not be a good match for your floors. Kitchen floors can be made of a variety of materials. The wrong wheel can damage the floor, and vice versa. A wheel with hard metal treads will roll smoother, but it also makes more noise and can possibly damage the floor. Soft treads made from rubber aren’t noisy or damaging. However, the wheel material must meet guidelines set forth by the NSF. For example, it must be temperature resistant so it doesn’t melt or crack.

Wheel Bearings
Wheel bearings are essential to meeting health codes, though they often go overlooked. Most bearings require lubrication, and the lubricant must be food-grade and non-toxic. Lubricants must also be reapplied often because they need regular washing.

These are just a few things to consider when purchasing high quality casters for food service. Choosing the right ones will help your operations flow smoothly.

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