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Energy Efficient and Cost Saving iPhone and iPad Apps for Personal and Professional Use

Smartphones: can you imagine life without them now?  I know I can’t!  Whether it’s to check Facebook, twitter or my email or to use instagram, I would definitely be LOST without my iPhone!  It honestly is like a life companion that is always at your side!  The marvels of the iPhone and the Ipad have really set the bar for the whole current generation of smartphones!  Dedicated apps, news channels, online shopping, even diet plans all at the click of a button!

A few years back we started realising that these phones could also save us money!  Skype and then Face time and Viber got rid of the distance and dodgy phone-lines as well as the expense involved in international phone calls, allowing us to even see our loved ones in other continents for free!

Now, however, the advantages and money saving potential of these powerful little handheld, pocket and handbag dwelling gadgets has extended even into the spheres of general cost saving and energy efficiency!

In 2013 Smartphones are already helping many people and businesses save money and reduce their carbon footprint!

Can apps REALLY help you to become energy efficient?

Well the proof is in the pudding, but YES; this really is the case, iPhones and ipads should really come in green!  So, how does it work?  Well the following are some examples of some particularly helpful apps.

Using inefficient light bulbs year wastes up to 80% of energy use per year and could cost the average person around 55 pounds per year = Fact.   Welcome: Light Bulb Finder, a free smartphone app designed to make it easy to identify the best and most efficient light bulbs for any fixture. Light Bulb Finder was voted best overall app in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘Apps for the Environment’ Challenge.

The expense of owning and running a car, can also, believe it or not be addressed by an ipad and iphone app! Irrespective the brand of car, Hunter Research and Technology’s green meter app helps motorists increase their driving efficiency, whatever type of car they have. Since its release in 2008 this app has helped users cut their fuel consumption by approximately 2 million gallons.

When it comes to the home, we have all heard of the obvious ways that we can be greener and save money in the process; solar panels, switching of the lights when you’re not using them, blab la bla … But what about the lights themselves, and the rest of our home gadgets, how do we know that they’re not leaving us short changed in terms of their energy efficiency?  Launched in 2009, Key Lime’s Green Outlet’s app, calculates the energy consumption of home appliances, and based on their usage habits, allowing users to predict their monthly electricity bills.

As regards your wider local area, should you be interested in its carbon footprint: AllertMe Energy Map on  iTunes is a free app that allows you to pull up the average energy expenditure per household, per year in your vicinity.  This is broken down into electricity and gas usage and gives you the resulting carbon emission.  Energy Map also shows your area’s ranking as opposed to others in the UK as regards energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The British Gas App is a free  iTunes (Free) that enables you to easily fill in your gas and electricity meter readings whenever you want, allowing British Gas to put together a more accurate bill. Everyone can make use of it and it is especially great for small businesses. You can then access your account summary featuring your last bill and payment details and you’re your current tariff and last registered meter reading. A new feature now lets you view your energy usage in graph format so as to be able to form a usage comparison spanning your usage over the last year. This British Gas application also comes with a handy guide on how to take an energy meter reading and emergency gas and electricity telephone numbers.  What is more, should you have any questions or issues the App has an easy-to-use email feature allowing you to email British Gas who endeavour to respond to all emails in 24 hours.


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