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The Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time

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During the early days of the Internet, no one was quite sure if people would ever actually use the web or if it was just another fad. That led to a number of entrepreneurs buying domain names and sitting on those names until major companies and corporations came knocking. Those entrepreneurs spent just a small amount of money on their investments but walked away with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in their pockets. The next time you find yourself looking for the cheapest domain name registration for your company, keep in mind that you might make big bucks like others did in the past.

Buying a domain name that relates to a specific product might seem like a no brainer, but no one quite realized how much the domain relating to cameras was worth. The person who initially bought the domain name used it as a parking site and fielded offers from a number of interested buyers. When it went up for sale in 2006, it sold to Sig Solares for $1.5 million. It almost instantly went live as a new site that let shoppers compare prices and shop for cameras from the top manufacturers.

When you hear the letters FB, you probably think about social networking giant Facebook. Facebook felt the same way, which is why the company jumped into action when the domain name came up for sale. The company spent $8.5 million to buy the domain name. It now includes a list of employees and their email addresses, but it also reroutes visitors back to the log in or main page of Facebook.

When the Internet became more popular, it wasn’t surprising to see young and interested people looking online for information about sex. What is surprising is that the original owner of the domain name seldom used those searches to his advantage. Rather than selling ad space or using Google ads on his site, he simply parked it and waited for people to bring him some offers. The site went up for sale a few times, but no one seemed to know quite what to do with the domain. It finally went up for sale one last time in 2010 and sold for an astonishing $13 million.

Selling a domain name for $13 million almost seems like a drop in the bucket when you find out what the domain sold for in 2007. Prior to the sale, there were rumors that travel website Expedia wanted to buy the domain name and turn it into a site that let travelers search for low priced vacation rentals. Brian Sharples, the same man who founded and launched the website HomeAway, wanted to get his hands on the domain name first. He outbid Expedia and walked away with the domain name after spending $35 million. Think about how much these owners made the next time you consider investing in a domain name.

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Deepest Protection for Virtual Systems

Using the cloud and virtual machines are the trend nowadays with businesses looking towards more cost-effective solutions to their computing needs. Since the advent of these virtual systems, the issue has always been security. When critical data and transactions are maintained in the virtual world, the concern will always be privacy and security. Businesses and their clients would want to be assured that their information are kept from unscrupulous elements on the net. Identity theft and corporate data leakages are just some of the risks faced by companies relying on virtual systems. Vulnerability and regulatory compliance remain to be the biggest concerns in virtualization. The Deep Security virtual machine security platform takes care of these security issues so that their customers can focus on their core businesses.

The Deep Security: virtual machine security platform is a server protection product that takes care of shielding applications and databases from attacks and breaches. It offers a comprehensive server security management system that simplifies security operations and makes it less manpower intensive. On top of savings enjoyed with cloud computing and virtualization, companies that make use of this platform can enjoy cost efficiencies with the various modules integrated into the platform.

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Businesses can expect the following from this platform:

  • Integrity Monitoring and Malware Protection – cloud servers and virtual desktops are protected from malicious attacks in real time. The integrity of server systems is effectively monitored, minimizing downtime due to system and software issues. Timely shields are set up to address known vulnerabilities. Potential vulnerability issues particularly in the areas of coding, scripting, and applications are likewise identified and addressed without the having to disrupt critical processes.
  • Data Protection – security is kept at the highest possible level for business and customer data at all times. Data security and privacy are provided even in multi-tenant cloud environments. Likewise, virtual systems are prevented from accessing compromised websites as listed in reputable global domain reputation databases so as to protect it from any possible data breaches.
  • Regulatory compliance – the protection provided by this platform ensures that virtual systems are compliant with specific industry requirements and standards as prescribed by local and international regulatory agencies. The Deep Security: virtual machine security platform covers protocols for data encryption, processing, and storage in sectors like healthcare, insurance, retail, government, finance, and information technology among others.

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Benefits of Cloud Hosting and How to Look for a Game Server Hosting Provider

If you own a website, then you certainly know what hosting is. Through hosting, several computers from all over the globe can connect to a seemingly “floating” storage area where their files are transferred and stored. There are various types of hosting packages, each one targeting a specific group of website owners. There is a hosting for tailor-fit for online merchants, one that’s perfect for low-key bloggers, and the latest to join the fray is cloud hosting services.

The latter is actually the type of hosting service used by the main players in the search engine industry. They’ve probably opted to function from cloud servers as these eliminate the need to build separate servers. I’ve read somewhere that these search engines chose cloud servers as these are able to handle one thing that’s of primary concern for many businesses, that is, security. It might be a tad more expensive than other hosting services, but if you think about how it protects valuable data, money becomes of the least concern.

Game server hosting is, likewise, very popular given the fact that there are many people who are into online gaming. Just as is it when you’re looking for a cloud host, the first thing you need to consider is the processing power of the host. You also need to verify the RAM specifications of the host. A fast connection is necessary, too. Gamers rule in a fast-paced environment, and if connection is poor, a gamer’s efforts will be for naught. A competent technical support staff must be on standby to assist you with various concerns you might have.

Of course, for both game and cloud hosting, affordability is very important. Look for a reasonably priced server that can provide you with optimum performance.

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