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Social Media Psychology 101

social media

There’s no doubt that having a great product or service is just the first step in having a successful business. A more important element is marketing your wares in such a way that it creates value in the eyes of a customer. Having a lucrative business that’s supported by loyal customers is about solving a problem; when you can fulfill a consumer need, you become valuable to them.

Social media optimization has become a big part of the customer engagement and retention aspect of web marketing. Although it has proved to be less successful as a marketing tool in the traditional sense, it has become essential to fostering customer interaction and satisfaction, creating added value by extension. Effective marketing is psychological at its foundation, but there are very specific ways that you can use the principles of psychology to attract and engage consumers via social media. Here are a few that you can put into practice today.

What’s In It For Me?

The most basic question that everyone asks is “Why?” Why should they choose your business? What will your product or service do for them that another, similar product or service can’t?

Social media is a great platform for asking – and answering – those questions in a way that’s up close and personal. The days of the big, faceless corporation are ending. People want to know that you will interact with them on a personal level, and that’s what effective social media engagement does.

Nobody Has Time For That

Another benefit of social media engagement that fills a psychological need is the instant gratification angle. People are busy, and you have very little time to engage them before they lose interest and move on. The truncated nature of a post on Facebook or the data limits of Twitter force companies to distill their message, separating the essential elements into bite-sized pieces for immediate consumption. With social media, your market can ask a question and get an answer almost immediately, in real time, if not from you, then from your other followers. That leads us to the next point.

Creating a Sense of Community

The nature of society today leaves people feeling isolated and disconnected from each other, and as much as we see people tethered to their various devices, they also find a sense of community – of belonging – online. Social media fills that meed for community in a big way, and a smart business owner will tap into that by using social media platforms to create a corporate family by extension. When your customers feel that they have a personal stake in the success of your business, when they are personally invested in it, they will support it and bring others into the fold.

Effective marketing is all about learning why consumers respond to stimuli in a particular way, and then using that information to your advantage. When you learn to satisfy basic psychological needs via social media engagement, you create value for your customers. When your customers feel valued, they’ll follow you anywhere.

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Social Media Helps Engage Readers

social media

Social media might still be a toddler among internet services, but the medium has proven to be a valuable commodity among writers, businesses, and organizations looking to engage readers on a regular basis. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more allow users to share information relevant to their purpose, which directs followers to those specific pages of information on the web. The more followers a person or company has, the more influential a simple share can be. However since the social aspect of the medium allows users to directly interact with each other, discussion on a topic regularly takes place.

Sharing Information
Depending on the passion and area of expertise of the individual or company, sharing information is the driving force behind social media. Kenny Slaught regularly shares information relating to real estate, which is an industry he knows extremely well and has excelled in. By concentrating on his strength and locating relevant and interesting information, he has managed to create an account that appeals to other real estate professionals. The focus of an account is important. Followers and fans want to find that information without having to look too hard, which means keeping shares on target for the page and relevant to a topic is important. Of course, sharing off topic items is a great way to keep the social media account fresh and interesting as well, but users should not go overboard.

Influential Users
Gathering a fan base of hundreds or even thousands of followers is the goal of anyone looking to drive exposure via social media. A large fan base means a single post is seen, or has the chance to be seen, by a large audience. That audience can then share the post, which amplifies the reach of the post exponentially. Savvy users uncover or write articles or blog posts to be shared with their fans, which can drive the fan base to higher levels. The quality of the information, importance of the information, and personality of the user are what helps drive social media sharing of influential users. In short, finding and audience requires a bit of patience, but the rewards can be huge.

Interacting with Followers
The social aspect of social media can be what really drives followers to an account. Commenting, liking, sharing, and more allow the original poster the chance to interact with followers. Key points can be explained or expanded, and new insight can be found from fresh voices. Since fans can interact with themselves, social media allows a topic to penetrate deep into the fabric of conversation. When an industry professional takes a few minutes to talk with followers regarding a special topic, users tend to take notice.

In the end, when influential users take the time to share information and interact with follower, social media accounts can attract a lot of attention. That attention helps drive popularity and create awareness. Users get exposed to new ideas and fresh thoughts. Social media helps engage readers across a number of platforms, which can propel a single idea into the light.

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What A Twitter Feed Tells You About The Life Of An Executive

The Twitter feed of a prominent executive like Sukanto Tanoto is the simplest way to stay connected to the world of business. There are many people who read these Twitter feeds every day to see what these executives are up to, but it is also an easy way to make connections in the business world. When following a person of such magnitude, it is easy to learn from them what they value most in the world of business. Wisdom and insight can be found on these Twitter feeds, but it is also easy to interact with these executives through this platform.


When these executives post to their Twitter feed, anyone can respond to them easily. A conversation be created quickly through these responses, and the executive could be quite impressed with the dialogue they see. This is something that any person can get in on if they are following executives they respect. Also, it is wise for these people to remember that the can send direct messages to people they follow when they need advice. some of the busiest executives in the world are more than happy to answer questions and offer advice to their followers.

Their Schedule

Many people post what they are doing throughout the day on Twitter. They will give every follower an idea of how they manage their schedule, and this could help young followers to build a schedule that works for them. These people need to learn how to manage their schedule more effectively, and they can do so if they are simply analyzing the schedule they see posted to social media.

Quotes And Retweets

These icons in the business world are going to post quotes that they find inspiring, and they will retweet items that they think are helpful. There are many ways to learn from these quotes and retweets, and it is possible to get connected to even more people in the world of business through these exchanges.

There are many ways that a social media feed will help people learn more about the world of business, and they need to follow business giants to get this information. The young worker who is connected to someone they respect on Twitter will be able to keep that line of communication open over the course of many months and years. They will gain many more opportunities and connections than they would have had otherwise.

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