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Starter Tips in Online Marketing – Making SEO Work for You

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Having an online business does not mean that you have to do any less in terms of advertising and marketing. The success of your online venture will depend on how good you are in directing the right kind of consumer traffic to your website. Search engine optimization is an important component of your business success. SEO is not a one-size fits all way of increasing your potential customer base. It has to be customized to your own business enterprise. You have to find ways to make SEO work for you. It starts with understanding your business and your customers.

Your first step to making SEO work for you is to do keyword research. You have to know what your customers are entering in the search boxes. With the right keywords, you can optimize your site to put your website right on top of their search results pages. There are plenty of these keyword research tools online. You can even find out what the customers of your competitors are searching for so you can take your share of the consumer pie.

Another SEO tool is link building. Links are ways for your prospective customers to find you through related websites of interest to them. This is a less intrusive way of directing traffic to your website. But, you have to find the right sites where you can put your links. You can choose to do PPC or pay-per-click advertising or you can opt to put links in articles and other content in websites with products and services related to yours. You also have to be careful about link building and other SEO techniques that are not considered to be acceptable by the search engine companies.

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What You Need in Your Site to Get More Traffic

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Online marketing is all about being found by the right people. Even if you have a lot of traffic going to your site, that does not necessarily mean that business is booming. You can have thousands of views on your website everyday and yet not make more than a few dollars in sales revenues. There is a way to optimize your site better not just to get more traffic, but to get more traffic that actually counts.

You need relevant content in your site to get traffic and keep traffic in your website. Your site should be able to offer something to your audience other than just captioned images or your logo with your corporate profile. Make your site interesting. Give your audience something of value. When you do this together with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques like keyword use and linking, traffic will be directed your way by both the search engines and the users themselves.

Your website also needs to have updated content. Online users want to see something new all the time. Things are so dynamic online. There is no room for complacency. The recent buzz today can easily be replaced by tomorrow’s latest in-thing. Keep your audience coming back for more by regularly publishing new content. While you are at it, put widgets in your website for bookmarking and sharing. Shares in social networking sites can get you additional traffic from your visitors’ networks.

Having promos and offers on your website is another way to increase your site traffic – the buying public just loves great deals. You do not have to spend a whole lot for these promos. There are affordable ways for you to be able to offer prizes to your audience. You can offer a special package with samples of your products. Or, you can tie up with other merchants who are willing to give you their products as prizes for your promos. You can also use these promos as a lead generation tool that you can use in future online marketing campaigns.

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Write SEO Articles for Readers, Not Only for the Crawlers!

The outcome of the recent Google Panda/Penguin updates is so shocking that it has certainly frightened the new Web masters when it comes to writing articles. However, there is no need to get frightened because writing SEO articles requires you to understand the main purpose of it. Although you may argue that you know the purpose, but you actually do not concentrate on it while writing such articles. The main purpose of writing SEO articles is to please the readers as well as search engine crawlers with good, original, relevant, and error-free content. What we do is we write content only by keeping crawlers in mind, which often make us forget the readers or target audience. And this is exactly the biggest mistake that writers make. Well, to avoid this mistake, here are the vital rules to follow!

Include Catchy and Relevant Titles

Okay, you may be tired of listening to this again and again. But what you need to understand is that despite of hearing it so many times, it is often most ignored aspect of SEO. Having a good and relevant title is an essential element of your write-ups because visitors will only be attracted by this element. If people do not click the title, you are obviously not going to get visitors for your content. In this way, the title is a chief selling point. For attracting search engines, try to include the most searched keyword in it. Doing so not only gives the visitor a clue of what the article is all about but also conveys to the search engine crawler that this is the article relevant to the keyword. This automatically helps in increasing your rankings.

Include Secondary Keywords

keywords, SEO articles, SEOSecondary keywords are those phrases that are relevant to the topic you have chosen are often entered in the search engines by the visitors but with a frequency lower than the top keywords. To help crawlers to search for your articles easily, it is vital to include the secondary keywords in your content. However, this is one strategy that most people ignore while writing SEO articles. Sadly, they tend to fill their articles by repeating the same keyword, which irritates the search engine crawlers. Even the readers get tired of reading the same words again and again. Therefore, it is better to look for and include the main keyword as well as its related keywords. If you do so, it uplifts the value of the topic you are discussing about and aids in writing a very informative article. When you look for secondary keywords, you can even decide about what you should write in your article. For example, if the main keyword is acne treatment, you will find secondary keywords such as natural remedies, herbs for acne, and so on. This gives you an idea about what should be your subheadings in the article!

Never Omit Proofreading

Do not be under the impression that the first draft of yours is simply going to be perfect. Any writer who believes in this is simply fooling himself or herself. Therefore, always spend time to proof read your write-ups prior to publishing because the readers can really spoil your online reputation if they find grammatical errors in it. Even search engine crawlers will not appreciate it! Yes! Even they are becoming intelligent. After all, the crawlers will consider the actions of visitors to rank your articles in the search engine result pages. Therefore, never allow your article to get published without proofreading. By the way, why not read the article first as if you are the reader and find out the mistakes for yourself?

About the author:The author is a blogger and loves to research on various topics related to SEO, marketing, and technology. He has recently conducted an extensive research on Panda and Penguin updates and advises people on how to avoid being their victims.  
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