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Important Things to Note About Sheet Metal Stamping

sheet metal stampingThe sheet metal stamping process is a manufacturing procedure that combines several methods such as drawing, piercing, forming, and blanking, among others. The said tasks can be performed with the utilization of specific tools that are designed for tough tooling. In the sheet metal stamping process, the finished product is manufactured from a frame that comes with one pattern or design.

Taking the mentioned factors into consideration, it can be noticed that it is the exact opposite of soft tooling, metal procedure that utilizes turret presses, press brakes, and laser profilers. There are basically two kinds of machinery that is utilized in the sheet metal stamping process: the mechanical press and the hydraulic press.

The mechanical press uses equipment called the flywheel that is exclusively designed to amass the amount of energy that is necessary to achieve the right volume of force that is necessary to achieve the product specifications. A lot of times the size ranges of the said mechanical equipment ranges from 20 tons to 6,000 tons

On the other hand, the hydraulic press utilizes hydraulics to achieve the right amount of force that is necessary to shape metal materials. In general, the said equipment is overseen by a trained individual to make sure that the right shape and size will be met. Hydraulics, especially high end ones can handle workloads of 20 tons or more. They are effective and at the same time efficient in carrying out the necessary strength that is best utilized when forming, drawing, blanking, and coining.

While mechanical press and hydraulic press are both useful for those who want to perform the sheet metal stamping process, those who want to achieve in the soonest possible time are encouraged to use the former instead of the latter.

A clear understanding of the sheet metal stamping process is important to business entities that engage in the production of commodities that are as small as say, microchips or those that are as big as automobile frames. It would be ideal if they would have their own set of equipment of machinery so they could finish the necessary tasks at half the time.

Alternatively, they can employ the services of metal stamping companies such as Peninsula Springs. Making arrangements is easy because interested individuals can visit their website and set an appointment. Rest assured that the said company has the personnel and facilities to deliver finished products right on schedule.

Food Storage

It is an essential requirement that anyone storing food and beverages is able to maintain temperatures at the right level. Incorrect temperatures, whether too high or too low, lead to spoilt and unsafe food, which means a loss of stock. This is something which can be easily avoided providing you have the correct heating and cooling systems in place. A small outlay in equipment can result in a huge long term benefit.

Walk in refrigerators are a key part of food preservation, and getting it right is vital. Flexelec have been providing solutions for cold room doors for over 30 years, and are always looking for the latest innovations to ensure low running costs go hand in hand with high quality operations. One of the problems that can occur with poorly designed cold rooms is that the door is not correctly designed to take into consideration the temperature differences that can occur on the outside. Flexelec provide heated door seals to ensure that the seal never freezes, which is what can cause issues with the door opening correctly.

food storage, heating mats, silicone heating mats

Silicone heating mats

There are many other food storage issues besides those connected with cold rooms, as cold temperatures themselves can cause storage issues for some food items. One of the most common issues that arise from storing food in warehouses and backrooms is that if the temperature is not correctly regulated damp conditions and even frost can arise. This can not only cause problems for the food itself but for the packaging. Damp cardboard and paper will become ruined, and then the items will be unsellable. There are a variety of solutions available to combat this, including drum heaters and heating mats. Heating mats are a cost effective way of maintaining temperatures at a certain level to prevent
damp and freezing conditions from occurring.

Silicone heating mats can also be utilized for hot plate appliances in order to keep cooked food warm. Heating mats can be designed with specific requirements in mind, and can fit into bespoke appliances that have unusual dimensions. There are many more occasions when temperature control is vital for food storage and preservation, and Flexelec’s heating appliances can be the ideal solution.

Weathering the Storm: How the Manufacturing Industry Copes with the Economic Turmoil

The manufacturing industry is no doubt one of the hardest hit by the turmoil experienced by global economies. Credit downgrades and price movements in the financial markets have affected the way manufacturing companies do business. Their capacity to sustain operational processes for optimum production has been negatively impacted. Similarly, demand from end customers have considerably dwindled owing to the decrease in capital most companies have experienced internationally. Companies that failed to implement measures to address these challenges had no choice but to close shop.

This notwithstanding, there are a number of companies that remain afloat to this day and are poised for a slow yet steady growth in the coming years. What made the difference are key initiatives that the owners and management of these companies put in place. These are the top 3 factors that helped the industry weather the storm:

  • manufacturing, innovationInnovation – thinking of new product improvements is the name of the game. Companies have to make sure that they have something new to offer to their customers. Successful companies are able to come up with product innovations that give added value to the end users without any additional costs. Innovating with products that help end users in terms of cost savings and convenience likewise keep manufacturing companies in business. The manufacturing sectors in emerging markets are particularly expected to put more focus in product innovation in the coming years.
  • Streamlining – continuous process improvement whether or not there is an economic crisis is something that every company should do. The focus of process reviews should be to streamline operations in such a way that better productivity is achieved, resulting in better profitability. Although most people equate streamlining with lay-offs and retrenchments, a company that has a process improvement program in place does not necessarily have to let go of people. In fact, employee satisfaction is increased when processes are clearly defined and when their expected output matches with their capacities.
  • Cost Management – volatility in prices of raw materials, goods, and services is the biggest challenge manufacturing companies have to face. To maintain a strong financial position, they have to prudently project these price movements and draw up a workable plan that adequately addresses these movements. Managing operational costs is a function of balancing spending to maximize expected yields


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