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How To Choose The Right Casters For Food Service


The food service industry is one of the most demanding work environments for casters to operate in. Food services require versatility, durability, and strength from its equipment. Once more, since operations here are very time sensitive, there is little room for error. High quality food service casters help to keep things running smoothly in kitchens and restaurants.

A variety of appliances utilize casters, including freezers, refrigerators, ovens, prep tables, and shelves. During the course of the day, casters get exposed to water, oil, chemicals, and varying temperatures. They endure wear and tear as staff wheel them around at a fast pace. Therefore these casters have to be tough, and they must also meet industry standards.

Just about all food service appliances will be exposed to liquid at some point, be it through moisture in the air, cleaning, or food splatter. That means that the casters will get wet too. Because of this, rust is a leading reason for caster failure. Rust can also contaminate food. To combat this, high quality kitchen casters should be plated with stainless steel. Stainless steel plating is corrosion resistant, therefore an ideal metal for kitchen casters.

Wheel Tread
When it comes to wheel treads, some materials may not be a good match for your floors. Kitchen floors can be made of a variety of materials. The wrong wheel can damage the floor, and vice versa. A wheel with hard metal treads will roll smoother, but it also makes more noise and can possibly damage the floor. Soft treads made from rubber aren’t noisy or damaging. However, the wheel material must meet guidelines set forth by the NSF. For example, it must be temperature resistant so it doesn’t melt or crack.

Wheel Bearings
Wheel bearings are essential to meeting health codes, though they often go overlooked. Most bearings require lubrication, and the lubricant must be food-grade and non-toxic. Lubricants must also be reapplied often because they need regular washing.

These are just a few things to consider when purchasing high quality casters for food service. Choosing the right ones will help your operations flow smoothly.

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Always Choose a Quality Caster

office chairs, caster wheels

Whether you’re looking for the perfect casters for an office chair, garden cart or food service equipment or you have very specific industry needs, choosing quality caster wheels will help ensure smooth, safe operation. Good quality casters can make moving everything from furniture to heavy equipment quick and easy. Additionally, with the right casters, you can be sure that you’ll get a caster that will last for years while offering superb performance.

Choose the Right Caster Wheel for the Job

It’s very important to think about what your specific needs are when it comes to choosing a caster wheel. For example, if you need a caster for residential furniture, an attractive stem caster can be an excellent choice. There are also hooded casters and ball casters which all provide easy movement. Additionally, you’ll have a wide assortment of choices, options typically range from an attractive bright chrome finish to an antiqued metal finish. Other options, such as locking wheels or soft tread for quiet and smooth rolling are also available.

Another important consideration to consider is the weight of the object that the caster wheel will be mounted on. If you have a heavy piece of furniture that exceeds the weight of the caster, you risk damage to the item and possible injury to anyone trying to move the piece. Always check weight limitations.

Caster Wheels for Specialized Industries

Depending on your particular industry, chances are you will need a caster wheel that will meet your specifications. For example, companies such as Access Casters Inc. can provide quality casters for the medical industry, food service, theaters, displays, retail establishments and more. From a locking caster wheel to swivel caster wheels, there are products designed to fill the needs of just about any industry.

A common example of specialized casters are those that are designed for use with shopping carts. A shopping cart that has wheels that are not functioning properly can be difficult for customers to use. Additionally, these malfunctioning wheels can wreak havoc on the floors of your store. However, with quality replacement caster wheels, you can improve your customer’s experience while protecting your floors at the same time.

Wheel casters are available in a variety of sizes. Their weight limits as well as function can vary tremendously. Whether you need a smooth rolling medical caster wheel or a heavy duty caster wheel for industrial purposes, choosing the right product can help ensure quality performance.

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5 Pieces of Equipment All Construction Companies Should Be Using

construction, construction equipmentConstruction equipment is a hardcore business where quality really matters. Staying power, utility, cost, all of these things need to be considered because the difference between good and bad is vast with heavy equipment. Finding the best equipment for any given job is a task of vital importance and here are some of the things that every company should be using at least often enough to justify owning one.

Compact Excavator

This is an interesting development in construction. Big jobs will take a little longer using a compact excavator but they can get into smaller areas, get the same job done and can do it with less fuel, less damage and less trouble. The compact excavator is easy to move, easy to use and unless you have a gigantic job to do there really isn’t a reason to use the bigger models. This is a happy comprise that every construction company should get their hands on if at all possible.

The Super Shield

The Super shield aluminium shielding is the most certain safety procedure against cave ins and collapses. It is mostly used in the building of shoring to allow quick unconstrained construction. The super shield is a heavy duty protector that guarantees an extra level of safety in shoring. They are available for purchase from many places and are the latest and greatest in Trench Shields. This safety technology may save lives.

Road Mats

This is essential if you’re attempting to work on rough terrain, or if you intend to build without environmental effect. Laying these mats under where heavy vehicles will be driving will allow vehicles to pass in and out of the construction site without consequence or issue. This puts cushioning between wheels and the ground and lessons the compacting effect and the killing of seeds and grasses on site.

Fasttrack Tractors

In the modern building game it’s all about getting the job done quickly and easily. Fasttrack tractors are all about getting quick movement. Get in get the job done and get out in the minimum possible time. Everything about the fasttrack is built for maximum efficiency and you want to get your hands on one as soon as possible.

Heavy Duty Earth Mover

This is about moving massive amounts of the ground around you as quickly as possible, this won’t be used for every job but it is important for a company to have. This is a huge bonus to any arsenal as it means an unworkable site becomes manageable very quickly. A giant earth mover is going to take weeks of work and adaptation away from some projects.

These pieces of equipment are essential for getting the job done well, quickly and ethically. These are some pieces of equipment that every well-equipped construction company should have in their arsenal. Buy, rent or acquire if at all possible, even if you don’t strictly need them right now you will want them soon.

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