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How Social Media Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

Do you use Facebook? How about Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram?

All of these sites are classed collectively as ‘social media,’ and the information which you innocently place on them today could have a negative impact on your claim for compensation following an accident tomorrow.

More and more businesses and organisations are looking at social media channels to find out whether a job candidate, benefit applicant or insurance claimant has anything to hide.

social media, personal injury, injury claim, personal claimInvestigating the private lives of claimants who make fraudulent claims can be justified when considering the burden they place on businesses and the economy at large.

According to CIFAS, the UK’s Fraud Detection Service, fraudulent insurance claims grew by 22.6% between 2012 and 2013.

However, for individuals making a legitimate claim for compensation, there is a risk that information casually placed online could be misinterpreted and used to reduce the much-needed pay-out they are entitled to.

Even if the contents of social media profiles are not enough to prove that someone is making a false claim, the information can be used to discredit claimants and make the compensation process a long, drawn-out and stressful process.

Someone who makes a personal injury claim for a whiplash injury following a road accident may be treated with suspicion if they wrote Facebook updates about heading footballs or playing on a trampoline shortly before their accident.

Someone who makes frequent jokes about being clumsy or accident prone online, may find their claim for compensation challenged following a slip, trip or fall in the workplace.

There are a number of steps social media users can take to prevent their personal information from being later used against them. Privacy settings restrict some investigators from accessing information, but as a member of the Green Party recently discovered, it’s not that simple.

Michael Aberton, who writes a blog about environmental issues, was visited this week by police who wanted him to remove a comment he put on Twitter about UKIP’s policies – even though nothing he had written was illegal.

As he explained, questionable police intervention aside, once something is written online, even if it’s made private, can quickly be “retweeted and appropriated, copied, many times and [he] no longer had any control of it.”

It’s possible that individuals may soon have the right to have information about them online removed from search engines.

In a landmark ruling just this week, Spaniard Mario Costeja González won the right to have historical personal information about himself removed from Google.

González’s application to the European Courts for the “right to be forgotten” was made to escape the financial difficulties of his past. In a statement, he said he was fighting “for the elimination of data that adversely affects people’s honour, dignity and exposes their private lives.”

For anyone seeking compensation for a personal injury that has personal information online that could bring their claim into question, this is good news; the success of González could trigger a change in the way that online information about individuals is obtained.

However, those changes will create logistical difficulties for Google because of the countless ways in which stories, images and comments are so easily distributed, making them unlikely to come into effect any time soon.

Until then, the best advice is to be very careful about what you write online or better yet, write nothing at all.

For free, professional advice on your right to make a personal injury claim, contact the legal team at Accident Compensation 4UK who can help you secure the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

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A Stress Free Guide to Coffee Shop Insurance

coffee shop, coffee shop insuranceAs a coffee shop owner, it is important to ensure that every aspect of your business is protected. In the event of a fire, a flood or a break in, it is essential that you are completely covered. Coffee shop insurance is something that all shop owners will have to tackle at some point and if you are looking to purchase insurance for the first time, you could be a little daunted. Here are a few beginners’ tips that will make taking out shop insurance a breeze.

What Does Shop Insurance Cover?

Like many shop owners, it is normal to be confused about what exactly is covered and the type that you should choose. In many cases, when looking for suitable shop insurance for your property, you will be given the option to choose from a variety of different covers.

These include the following :

Building and Contents-You can’t predict the future but you can prepare for it. Should your coffee shop be damaged by fire or floods, your shop and the contents within it will be covered.

Employers Liability Cover-If you have a team of staff that work in your coffee shop, you will need employers liability cover. There are a number of risks that come with employing members of staff. One of these risks is the possibility of injury or illness while working in your cafe. If you do not have employers liability cover, you could end up paying out thousands should one of your employers become ill or injured. The cost of this cover will depend on a number of factors including the size of your shop and whether or not you have any previous claims.

Public Liability Cover-This is a crucial aspect of insurance that all shop owners require. If an accident takes place in your shop, for example a customer gets burned by a cup of coffee, public liability cover will take care of the compensation costs. Without this, you will have to foot the bill yourself. With people coming in and out of your shop each day, the likeliness of an accident is quite high. Make sure you are prepared for anything with public liability.

Where to Find the Best Deal on Shop Insurance

If you have never purchased shop insurance before, the chances are you may not know where to start. Before you begin your search for shop insurance, the best thing to do is to talk to family and friends and find out if they have any experience in purchasing shop insurance. It is essential that you shop around especially if you want to get a good deal and you can find a number of providers online. There are many ways to seek out a great deal on shop insurance but using comparison sites can help you find the best deal for your business. If you are looking for Competitive Shop Insurance Quotes, go online to find the cheapest deals.

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When Accidents Happen: Making Sure that You Have a Successful Claim

Nobody wants to get in an automobile accident. Unfortunately, nobody can really tell when an accident could happen. The best way for you to protect yourself against these accidents is to prepare beforehand. At the very least, you should have a personal accident coverage of your own to give you the cash benefits that you need to recover from your accidental injuries. In cases when the accident is not your fault, the other party should be held liable for your medical expenses. You have to know what the rights of accident insurance claimants are so that no insurance company can try to keep you from collecting your claim benefits.

personal injury, injury claim, injury lawyer, peronal injury claimTo increase your chances of having a successful claim, you have to make sure that you take the following steps:

  • Document everything. Make sure that you have all the details recorded including what happened before and after the accident. Contact the police and file the necessary reports. If you are incapacitated, someone has to do this for you. This can be your closest relative or your lawyer.
  • Keep all medical records pertaining to your injuries. Get a medical certificate that indicates all the injuries you sustained during the accident. This could also contain information about potential complications that may arise for the same injuries. Keep a file of all the receipts and an itemized list of all your expenses during your course of treatment. These should be the basis of the amount that should be awarded to you in your accident claim.
  • Hire a personal injury lawyer. Dealing with an accident claim is a tedious process. Especially if you become temporary disabled, it might not be easy for you to take care of all the details in filing your claim. You need a professional to help you ensure that you will get what you are entitled to as a claimant.

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