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Business and Pleasure: Having Time for Everything

business and pleasure, business, pleasure

Stress is one of the things that cause people to get sick. The bad part about it is that stress-related illnesses are often discovered and diagnosed when they are already serious. Workaholics often shrug off the signs and symptoms of illness. In a lot of cases, they pop a pain reliever or a sedative, take a short nap, and then get back to business.

If you want to live longer and enjoy the fruits of your labor, you have to make sure that you have time for both business and pleasure. Time management is a lesson that you have to learn in order to balance the demands of your business and your need for leisure and entertainment.

One idea worth thinking about is the idea of working smarter. People spend long hours at work and find themselves with still a pile of work yet to be done. It might be worthwhile to think about why you never seem to get enough done. Maybe, there is a better process that will make things move more quickly without necessarily sacrificing quality. If it is an operational process that needs to be modified, you might even score some points with the boss for bringing up a process improvement initiative. For business owners, streamlining and operational improvements are smarter ways of running their business too. When you get things done right, you can leave your workplace and spend time with your family or doing other activities that balance your life. Working smarter gives you time for both business and pleasure.

Another way of ensuring that you have time for everything is to set aside time for the family. Keep this time sacred. If you do not have a choice but to work and be at the office until 9pm every day, keep at least the weekend as your personal time to spend as you wish without worrying about anything work related. Let everyone at work know that you are unavailable during the weekend. Turn the company phone off and log out from the company email. Focus your attention on your family and spending quality time with them whether at home or anywhere else you wish to go. Get the rest that you deserve during this time and you will find yourself refreshed, energized, and refocused on a new perspective when you start the work week. When you properly balance business and pleasure, you become more efficient at what you do and you are able to enjoy all aspects of your life.

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Animal Calming

There are many stressful occasions in an animal’s life – moving home, firework night, grooming, and there are steps to take as a responsible pet owner to ensure they are kept calm and happy during potentially stressful times.

A great product on the market that is available for cats, horses and dogs is Zylkene. This calming medicine is based on a milk protein which acts on receptors in the brain to produce a calming effect on the animal. It can be given a few days in advance of the event as well as on the day in itself. It is also safe to be administered over long periods which could be helpful if you are settling an anxious pet in a new home.

calmingZylkene is easy to administer to your pet, it comes in capsule form for cats and dogs which can be hidden in food or if you have an obliging pet eaten out of your hand. If you have a feisty cat you can always wrap them up in a towel to ensure they do not scratch and escape and then put the capsule in their mouth. The best way is to insert your finger right at the back of the side of their mouth behind the teeth and they will normally open their mouths allowing you to put the capsule in. For horses it comes in a sachet which can be mixed into feeds.

If you find Zylkene does not work for your horse there are other horse calmers on the market including NAF calming, Equine America and Quitex to name a few.

calming medicine

One of the best products available to calm cats is Feliway. You can buy it as a diffuser to plug in at home and it releases a scent which matches a cats natural calm pheromone. The scent is undetectable to humans but will help an anxious cat relax. This is a great product to use to help settle a new cat in or settle cats in a new home. You can also buy Feliway in a liquid spray which can be sprayed in a cat carrier to help calm your pet whilst travelling or if they are going for a vet visit.

The Association of Wearing Hats to Baldness

You may have heard even from your grandparents that wearing hats most can become one of the reasons of hair thinning. They have been associating it with men who used to wear during their younger years. However, hair thinning leading to hair loss or baldness is purely hormonal and hereditary.

The association of wearing hats or caps to baldness all came from the fact that a lot of men wear caps as a method of concealing it and not the other way around. Scientifically speaking, hair ceases to grow when the circulation in the follicle is being interrupted, so not unless the cap you are wearing is too tight, then it won’t become the cause of it. Many Sikhs have hair loss from the turbans they use since childhood.

Wearing of hats or caps for longer period of time can somehow deprive the head from breathing thus leads to thinning of the hair. It basically damages scalp and eventually the hair follicles.

More the purpose of hiding your awful hair, wearing of hats and caps can also be associated with fashion. These days, the list of accessories would include bangles, necklaces, shawls, along with women’s and Mens Fedora Hats and a whole lot more.

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