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5 Simple Merchandising Tricks to Attract Fashion Lovers Instore

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Almost every fashion retailer relies on clothes rails to display their wares. It makes sense. Shoppers know what to expect, know how to browse among them and find the size or style that they’re looking for.

But, with more and more people shopping for clothes online, it’s never been more important to give consumers a shopping experience that’s actually enjoyable and which makes your store memorable.

These five simple merchandising tricks will show you how:

1. Make a Feature of Bespoke Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers are functional. They help fabrics to maintain their shape, to drape well and stay organised, and using the same style of hanger throughout your store can help give your fashion lines a sleek, unified appearance.

However, a functional item needn’t be a dull one. Upgrading your bland, nondescript clothes hangers for bespoke ones is a simple way to drive brand awareness and make your retail outlet unique.

Bespoke hangers can be branded with your logo or a variety of colours to make your store and the quality of its interior fittings and design, appealing and memorable.

2. Get Creative with Mannequins

Don’t limit the use of mannequins to your shop window. Placed strategically near selected ranges, they can attract shoppers to a particular line and drive sales.

Shoppers visit stores as opposed to shopping online because of the visual and sensory experience it gives them; they can feel and test clothes for quality and fit.

If your retail outlet specialises in clothing which is designed for movement, such as sports or dance, then regular rails or mannequins can make your active fashion lines seem dull and lifeless.

Bring them to life with flexible sports or invisible mannequins which can be positioned to show off your active range as it would be worn so your customers can see them in action and visualise themselves wearing them.

3. Clothes Rails

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There is a fine line between giving your customers plenty of choice and overwhelming them with it.

Make sure your outlet is easy to navigate through by using a variety of clothes rails.

Varying the use of straight, circular or spiral rails breaks up the space to make it more interesting and allows you to group particular styles or sizes together so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

4. Refresh Your Layout

Investing in mobile or lightweight clothes rails gives you the freedom to move items around and alter the layout of your store in response to your stock supply or changing fashion trends.

By changing the layout, you’re maintaining a fresh and interesting image to those who pass your store regularly.

5. Be Child-friendly

If you carry any fashion lines for children or young people then make sure your store appeals to them.

Make your outlet child-friendly by introducing lower rails that kids can comfortably browse through and then go the extra mile to include space in your changing rooms with mirrors, pegs and seats that are suitable for small people.

Kids might not hold the purse-strings but they know what they want and are usually experts at getting it. When it comes to getting your shoppers to stop browsing and start purchasing, you can turn a child’s ‘pester power’ to your advantage.

For more tips or advice on improving the appeal of your store, then contact Valentino’s, a leading supplier of fittings, equipment and sales merchandise to the fashion retail sector.

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The Guaranteed Success of a Vera Wang Line of Wedding Flowers

When the name Vera Wang is mentioned, those in the know about fashion would picture wedding gowns in their minds’ eye without even thinking. From being the next in line at the helm of the fashion bible Vogue, Wang moved on to establish her own fashion house where wedding dresses have become the carrier product. Frankly, it was probably the wisest decision she has ever made.

Today, Wang’s wedding creations are sought-after even by hotshot Hollywood celebrities and socialites. Women starve themselves or have doctors create special diets for them just so they could fit into her dresses. Her creations have been featured in movies. In fact, actual allusions are made to her. Indeed, her name has become an established brand, carved in stone.

Vera Wang Wedding Flowers

Vera Wang Wedding Flowers

So what will happen if she diversifies her business and dabbles into a related industry, like wedding flowers? Most likely, it will also be a huge success. Miss Wang is a very creative person with a unique style and flair. She also has a thing for organization. While her name alone is enough to sell floral arrangements among those who have experienced her work, the quality of her designs will surely make for a successful spinoff enterprise.

This set up could also be put another way. For example, well-known florists could associate themselves with Miss Wang. They could maintain their brand but could add a line that says something like, “Wedding Flowers by Vera Wang.” That could still become very successful and draw clients from all over the world because that means Miss Wang was the consultant in the floral designs. Moreover, because of the premium on her name, Wang’s creations will surely rake in huge profits, as people would be willing to pay for her designs and services.

Putting the business aspect aside, Miss Wang’s floral creations would be in demand especially among the weddings where she would be the wedding gown designer. That is because she can then picture the whole thing and not just the wedding gown. She would be able to put together the entire theme so that the bride would be picture-perfect as she walks down the aisle.

Having Miss Wang on the helm of a wedding flowers business is a surefire way to become successful. This strategic move will not only stir the industry in the business sense but also improve the artistry of the arrangements. Wang’s ideas will certainly provide a fresh twist to such an enormous trade.

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