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3 Franchise Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

If you have aspirations to start-up and run a successful business, it is worth considering a number of franchise opportunities that can help you to enjoy professional success and financial prosperity. Today, entrepreneurial business possibilities are sought by many young people. These young professionals are no longer satisfied with traditional work environments. Instead, they actively pursue business opportunities in which success or failure is determined by their own efforts. In fact, many young people show a clear determination to forge their future success and recognise that owning a franchise presents them with the very best way to work towards their dreams.

With the vast number of franchise opportunities that are available today, many young entrepreneurs do not know where to start. Naturally, young entrepreneurs want to know which franchises match with their experiences and interests, the start-up capital requirements, and the types of franchises that are best suited to young entrepreneurs.

Here we look at three of the best franchise ideas for young entrepreneurs

A telco company

telco franchise, telco

If you are strongly oriented towards sales, owning and running a telco franchise is a great idea. Seek information from a franchise operator that specialises in creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs; for example and further information, visit

To run your own telco franchise, it can be as simple as having and using a computer and phone. Because so little is needed in the way of facilities and equipment, a telco company franchise can be the perfect start-up opportunity if you have abundant motivation and true entrepreneurial spirit.

By choosing to work with the right telecommunications aggregator, you gain access to cutting-edge systems and processes, while still developing a brand that is your own. Be sure to understand the support that is available to you as a franchisee. A quality provider will:

  • Facilitate your access to the networks of major carriers
  • Provide you with combined purchasing power
  • Assist you with products
  • Facilitate your success with systems and processes, with features such as one-stop billing and provisioning
  • Enable the success and growth of your business through support and training.

There are many good reasons to consider a telco franchise. The telecommunications industry is growing rapidly, and is a lucrative and ‘recession-resistant’ industry.

A pet care company

pet care, pet sitting, franchise, young entrepreneur

With so many people leading busy lives, filled with demands, the need for professionals who offer pet sitting and dog walking services is certainly on the increase. Be aware though, the services offered are not restricted to dogs and cats. Pet care franchisees may also be asked to care for pets including birds, snakes and spiders.

The fact remains that the pet care industry is enjoying incredible growth with impressive future growth predicted. To start their own business, franchisees do not have to have high net worth, and can feel reassured that they are investing in a low risk industry and will have access to systems that are well-suited to young entrepreneurs.

Home care services

home care, franchise, entrepreneur

Our population is ageing and the demand for non-medical care companies is definitely growing. A franchise in this industry is a great option for young entrepreneurs. The good news is that a home care franchise opportunity can prove to be a great investment, even if you do not have a medical background.

Through a business that offers skilled care, companionship and services within the homes of elderly and disabled people, you are well-positioned to enjoy cash-flow sustainability. For young entrepreneurs, a range of franchise opportunities exist that promise business success and attractive financial gains.

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5 Benefits of Using VOIP for Small Business

voip, benefits of voip

The advantages available to small businesses through the use of Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) business phone systems, really do justify why so many small businesses are opting for this service. Before deciding to make the switch, it’s worth finding out as much as possible, so that you are well aware of the most valuable features of VoIP systems and how they can enhance your business.

Some small business owners do not realise that VoIP business services include a range of options aside from those typically used and expected: call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding facilities, remote operation possibilities and toll free number availability. VoIP systems can include a range of features that will benefit your small business.

Integration with the buzzer for door phone entry

Particularly if security is a concern and needs upgrading at your business premises, it is most useful to integrate your analog door phone. Such an upgrade allows for two-way calls with visitors. By using this feature of VoIP business phone systems, the conversation that ensues will help you to determine whether visitors are suitable for entry and, if so, you are able to use your phone to unlock the door. You can find out more about this feature at

More possibilities for call routing

Particularly if the employees of your business are mobile and work off-site, find me/follow me call routing functionality is especially useful. This means that a list of numbers where the employee can be found before the call is sent to voicemail can be provided. For example, you may choose to have the office phone ring twice, with your mobile phone starting to sound on the third ring. Following this, you may decide to have the home landline start to ring on the fifth. Only when this list is exhausted, the call will be sent to voicemail.

Voicemail received via email transcription

An immensely useful feature of VoIP for so many small businesses is voicemail to email transcription. As the name implies, voicemail messages are transcribed to text and sent to a nominated email address. The real benefit of this feature is that the need to quickly write down details including names, numbers and addresses, is eliminated. Also, you have the opportunity to read these emails when you have the time and technology to deal with them effectively.

Ultimately, voicemail to email transcription makes it possible to file, organise, delete and search for voicemails more effectively and efficiently than you otherwise could.

Availability of data tracking reports

Successful small businesses track data so that they know where time and energy is best placed. With an effectively managed VoIP service that is cloud-based, information about bandwidth utilisation can be provided so that you have an accurate picture of how data is used over a defined period of time.

Reports that are generated relating to inbound and outbound calls clearly show details of your business’ call history, rate centres, length of calls, where calls originated, their destination and cost.

Call screening functionality

One of the most useful, but overlooked features of VoIP business phone systems is call screening. With this functionality, the number of the person dialing you can be seen, giving you the opportunity to decide on the appropriate response.

VoIP offers small businesses many worthwhile and potentially beneficial features. As a small business owner, you should investigate the possibilities and determine how VoIP may enhance and strengthen the way that your business communicates.

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High Touch Customer Service to Promote Loyalty

customer service

In today’s high-tech world, it’s so easy to lose personal touch. Businesses have customer service hotlines that are “manned” by interactive voice response systems (IVRS). They also have online customer service facilities that allow customers to send in their concerns through the company’s website. While these facilities are available 24/7, the responses are often canned and are generated automatically. Despite the anytime, anywhere convenience they provide, most customers are still looking for that high touch service that makes them feel like the company they are dealing with really cares about them. Companies and businesses that are able to provide this kind of service to their customers are those that are most likely to have repeat businesses and loyal customers. In a world where competition is fierce, gaining a loyal following is the key to staying in business.

This is not to say that it is not good to make use of modern technology to service your customers. In fact, you should definitely take advantage of the new ways to stay connected to your customers. While this is so, you have to take it a step further and ensure a personalized experience every time your customers transact with you, whether it is to purchase a product, to ask for assistance, or simply to give feedback. It pays to have a live person address the concerns of your customers. Those with limited resources can choose which types of services to automate and which ones to give personal attention to. Account inquiries and shipping trackers, for example, can be made available via IVRS or online databases. Concerns on product troubleshooting or purchase inquiries, on the other hand, require person-to-person contact.

There are inexpensive ways to give high touch customer service. Social media and mobile marketing technologies are available to provide cost efficient ways for companies to reach out to their customers. It is easy to get personal through these facilities. Think about establishing a relationship with your customers. When you provide your products and services to your customers, go beyond treating it as a mere business transaction. Treat it as a way of making your company a part of their lives. This way, you can look forward to customers who will stay loyal to your brand and will keep coming back for more of your products and services.

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