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Making a Stellar Website for Your Business

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There are a few essential elements you will need to have a business today. Some of these elements include a good team of innovators on your staff, a great product idea and a website to tell the world about what your business has to offer. If you are starting a business for the first time, it is important to get your website design and functionality perfect. Whether you choose to design it on you own or use professional web design services, here are some things you will want to think about during the design process.

Who is Your Target Audience?
This is the key question for many parts of your business. When you put together a website, you want to know specifically what your target audience will be looking for. Do they want to buy your product, or do they simply want to learn more about the brand? Often business websites combine the elements of information and ecommerce into a single site so the visitor does not have to leave the site to get their questions answered. Once you know the profile of your target audience, you can begin to put together your website elements that best meet their needs.

How Do They Interact Online?
Another important question to ask is how your target audience likes to interact online. If they are a group that is very active on social media, you will want to make sure your website features links and widgets that correspond to your brand’s social media accounts. If they prefer to email companies to find out more information or have questions answered privately, it is important to let them know this option is available. If you want to provide the full customer service package, you may also want to have a physical address or telephone number ready for those who prefer to contact you directly instead of through an online way.

What Will You Prioritize?
Websites can serve many different functions, so it is important to understand what you target audience is looking for when they visit. While you are in the initial design process, you will want to determine whether your website will be primarily informative or whether it will serve an ecommerce function so you can sell your company’s products directly to the consumer. If you are looking to entertain, you will want to have a website with an amazing user experience that combines videos, photos and interaction into the design.

Building your first website may seem like a daunting task, but if you break it down into smaller steps, you will find that you can make informed decisions based on your target audience. Then, once you are ready to launch your website, you will be able to reach your audience and get your business going.

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Top 5 Tips to Create a Successful Blog for your Brand

The question is not IF you should run a company blog but HOW to do it and do it right. Blogging is the best way to connect with your customers in a more authentic, personal way. So get on with it, don’t let lack of technical knowledge stop you – internet is full of how to start a blog tutorials and if you want a professional design (which you should if you care about your image in your customers eyes) let professionals like The Print Group take care of your new blog’s looks.

Here are Top 5 tips to create a successful blog for your brand.

Be unique

Internet is flooded with blogs. A lot of competition? Luckily for you a huge majority of them are boring and generally waste of disk space. Your task is to end up in the exclusive club of truly interesting blogs worth reading. Think what your readers want to know about you and your business and deliver it in a grasping way. Keep posts short and informative – the goal is not to waste the readers’ time while presenting yourself as an expert.

Choose the keywords

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Think about what words your customers type into the web search engine that lead them to your website. Make a list and then use them on your blog – in the headlines, leads, main text as much as you can but while keeping it natural. These will both get your readers attention and increase your blog’s and website’s SEO value.

Be social

If your business doesn’t yet have profiles on all the major social networking sites then first think why on earth not and then open them ASAP. Once your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts are up and running connect them to your new blog and make sure that every time you post new content on your blog you promote it via social media. Like it or not they are one of the most effective ways of keeping connected with your customers.

Keep the conversation going

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One element it’s hard to imagine a blog without is the comment section. Make sure you read your readers comments, answer the questions, reply to suggestions. Don’t be afraid of criticism – it should motivate you to improve. Don’t give in to online hate – it’s your right to delete offensive comments and ban unwanted readers.

Be consistent

If there’s one thing that kills a blog it’s lack of updates. A blog post once a week is the bare minimum to keep your readers attention, twice is better. Don’t worry – you won’t run out of ideas for new posts, most of the time it’s quite the opposite – blogger lack time to post all they have to say and answer all their readers questions.

Stick to the plan, blog regularly, keep it interesting and stay in touch with your readers and your blog will become a powerful tool in support of your business. And while you’re at it remember to have fun.

What You Need in Your Site to Get More Traffic

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Online marketing is all about being found by the right people. Even if you have a lot of traffic going to your site, that does not necessarily mean that business is booming. You can have thousands of views on your website everyday and yet not make more than a few dollars in sales revenues. There is a way to optimize your site better not just to get more traffic, but to get more traffic that actually counts.

You need relevant content in your site to get traffic and keep traffic in your website. Your site should be able to offer something to your audience other than just captioned images or your logo with your corporate profile. Make your site interesting. Give your audience something of value. When you do this together with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques like keyword use and linking, traffic will be directed your way by both the search engines and the users themselves.

Your website also needs to have updated content. Online users want to see something new all the time. Things are so dynamic online. There is no room for complacency. The recent buzz today can easily be replaced by tomorrow’s latest in-thing. Keep your audience coming back for more by regularly publishing new content. While you are at it, put widgets in your website for bookmarking and sharing. Shares in social networking sites can get you additional traffic from your visitors’ networks.

Having promos and offers on your website is another way to increase your site traffic – the buying public just loves great deals. You do not have to spend a whole lot for these promos. There are affordable ways for you to be able to offer prizes to your audience. You can offer a special package with samples of your products. Or, you can tie up with other merchants who are willing to give you their products as prizes for your promos. You can also use these promos as a lead generation tool that you can use in future online marketing campaigns.

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