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Top 5 Tips to Create a Successful Blog for your Brand

The question is not IF you should run a company blog but HOW to do it and do it right. Blogging is the best way to connect with your customers in a more authentic, personal way. So get on with it, don’t let lack of technical knowledge stop you – internet is full of how to start a blog tutorials and if you want a professional design (which you should if you care about your image in your customers eyes) let professionals like The Print Group take care of your new blog’s looks.

Here are Top 5 tips to create a successful blog for your brand.

Be unique

Internet is flooded with blogs. A lot of competition? Luckily for you a huge majority of them are boring and generally waste of disk space. Your task is to end up in the exclusive club of truly interesting blogs worth reading. Think what your readers want to know about you and your business and deliver it in a grasping way. Keep posts short and informative – the goal is not to waste the readers’ time while presenting yourself as an expert.

Choose the keywords

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Think about what words your customers type into the web search engine that lead them to your website. Make a list and then use them on your blog – in the headlines, leads, main text as much as you can but while keeping it natural. These will both get your readers attention and increase your blog’s and website’s SEO value.

Be social

If your business doesn’t yet have profiles on all the major social networking sites then first think why on earth not and then open them ASAP. Once your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts are up and running connect them to your new blog and make sure that every time you post new content on your blog you promote it via social media. Like it or not they are one of the most effective ways of keeping connected with your customers.

Keep the conversation going

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One element it’s hard to imagine a blog without is the comment section. Make sure you read your readers comments, answer the questions, reply to suggestions. Don’t be afraid of criticism – it should motivate you to improve. Don’t give in to online hate – it’s your right to delete offensive comments and ban unwanted readers.

Be consistent

If there’s one thing that kills a blog it’s lack of updates. A blog post once a week is the bare minimum to keep your readers attention, twice is better. Don’t worry – you won’t run out of ideas for new posts, most of the time it’s quite the opposite – blogger lack time to post all they have to say and answer all their readers questions.

Stick to the plan, blog regularly, keep it interesting and stay in touch with your readers and your blog will become a powerful tool in support of your business. And while you’re at it remember to have fun.

Online PR Tools to Boost Your Business

online PRThe growth of small and online businesses is expected to continue for the next few years. As such, new and potential players in the market can take advantage of this upsurge and grab as many loyal customers as they can. The best way to do this is to maximize their market presence, to establish a good reputation, and to build a positive image for the business. This can all be done with the right online PR tools in one’s arsenal. Websites, online newsletter, blogs, web articles and social media are some of the popular tools for online public relations. They can all be used together in creating one solid and high-impact campaign for one’s business.

Establishing a good website should be the first step in one’s PR campaign. Good websites generally offer well-written and informative content, easy navigation, steady posts of new materials, and search engine friendly key words. Websites that sell retail products should have good quality images and accurate product descriptions on their sites for their buyers to appreciate. From there, business owners can design their marketing and press release plans to strengthen their presence in the market. Just make sure that the newsletters have updated and informative content. Posting web articles or getting bloggers to review your products can also help widen your reach and spread positive news about your business. Setting-up a separate blog site for the business is also a good option. They are relatively easy to maintain and their popularity makes them a very powerful tool. After getting the attention of the market, businesses should look into their client retention strategies which can help grow the business. Offering subscriptions to online newsletters is one way to keep in touch with customers on a regular basis and ensure that your products will always be at the top of their mind.

A continuous online PR program is something that all business should consider if they want to sustain the consumer’s interest in their products. Gearing-up with the latest PR tools and strategies is one way to keep up with the competition.

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Small Business Big Marketing: Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you can’t compete with your larger counterparts. In fact, marketing on the Internet has made it more possible than ever for small businesses to build brand equity and get solid sales figures. Let’s now discuss some marketing ideas that have worked for numerous small businesses and that can work for you.

Start a Blog

While blogging was primarily a way for people to share personal information with others a few years ago, it’s now big business that many companies use to connect with their target audience. When done correctly, blogging can help you reach your customer base and keep them updated on promotions. Typically, it’s best to incorporate a blog into a page on your website where it can easily be found. Although you will want to include promotional content, it’s wise to also add general industry information that your audience will find interesting and useful. Doing so can help you build authority and hopefully get consumers over the buying hump.

Social Media

Another marketing technique that many small businesses thrive on is using sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. By creating a page for your business on one or more social media sites, you can conveniently spread the word about your business and establish a following. Much like blogging, you will want to add quality content that your audience will find interesting. For example, you might re-post content from your main website or re-post other relevant content from other profiles. To be successful, you will also need to network by following relevant people or businesses, responding to comments and interacting in general. In time, you can expect to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website through social media. The best part is that it’s completely free to use.

Email Marketing

Allowing customers or leads to sign up to your email list is also an effective way to market your business. By creating an account with a company like Aweber, you can get an opt-in box where anyone who is interested in your business can sign up to receive updates. From there, you simply send out periodic emails that contain promotional material as well as general content. This technique tends to work well because many customers like the somewhat personal nature of email. It also ensures highly targeted traffic because each person on your list has to sign up. Consequently, many businesses that use email marketing have a high conversion rate.

Guest Posting

In addition, guest posting on other blogs in your niche can be incredibly helpful for driving direct traffic and expanding your customer base. It works by searching for relevant websites or blogs in your industry that already have serious followings. You then contact the owner and ask if you can submit a guest post. Once you get the green light, you simply write a quality article and post it. All of a sudden, you can be viewed by numerous people who may be interested in your business.


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