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Your Sign Says it All

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When it comes to corporate signs, you really need to choose wisely before you put anything on the front of your building. Your sign is a part of who you are and a major component in your branding process. It is a visible attraction that can make you stand out in a crowd or make you blend in with all the rest. Go with Priority Sign to give your company the edge. It is a dog eat dog world out there and you need to compete with everyone around you. Choose a sign that is head and shoulders above the rest.

Find the Design that Represents You
When you meet with the creative staff members at Priority Sign, you will be able to give them a look at the big picture. Show them your location, where you want the sign to be mounted, and discuss the size that will suit your needs. Think about your product or service as you determine the best design for your sign. With the combined talents of your design team and your input, you’ll be able to order a sign that captures the essence of your business.

Choose Quality and Proven Performance
Priority Sign makes every customer a top priority. When it is time for your sign to be made, you will be at the top of the list. The team at Priority Sign has a reputation for excellence. They use quality materials and dedication in every project. You can count on Priority Sign to provide you with a sign that will stand up to the test of time.

By Your Side Every Step of the Way
From beginning to end, you will be in good hands with the staff at Priority Sign. Staff members will help you to choose a design that suits you. From that point, the fabrication process will begin as a custom-made sign is created specifically for your business. It won’t be a cookie cutter that looks like all the rest. Your sign will be unique for your company. Once the sign is complete, the team at Priority Sign will take care of mounting your sign. Soon, you will have signage in place that will capture the attention of consumers and the competition. Prove that you are here to stay with a sign that makes a statement about your company.

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Top Five Marketing Trends for 2014

marketing, marketing trends 2014Marketing can do wonders for your brand if used correctly, but the world of the consumer is ever-changing and following up-to-date marketing approaches can be vital to the success of your business. Here are five top marketing trends set to make waves this year.

Social Network Marketing

Social networking platforms are experiencing a surge in growth in 2014 and don’t look set to slow down any time soon. More and more businesses are realising the importance of establishing a strong presence across social media networks to help build their brand identity and interact with customers in a way that builds strong relationships between customers and the brand or business itself.

Video Marketing

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then think about how much stronger a message can be conveyed through video. 2014 will see an increase in video marketing with many available platforms to help widely deliver video content. Vine, Instragram and Snapchat all allow the fast distribution of videos, as well as many other social media networks like Facebook, Google+ and others. The main drawcard of video marketing, and one reason for its growing success, is that more and more people are using these networks on mobile devices, which mean they can be marketed to anywhere, any time.

Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing uses GPS data to deliver content specifically relevant to users based on their geographical location. This is relevant to their use of devices either at home, at work or even while on the move. This kind of marketing really capitalises on the growth on mobile use, given that users now have their phones with them almost every minute of the day and much information can be gathered based on their location and other statistical data collected by apps.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way for businesses to interact with customers without the direct sell, which builds relationships and trust in way that breaks down customer barriers when it comes to filtering out advertising. The business delivers useful content and  information to the user that will benefit his/her intelligence or daily life. This then builds a trust in the brand and a fondness for the brand identity, to be rewarded with their business when it comes time to choose between them or the competition.

The world, even online, is so full of advertising at every turn that consumers have become adept at filtering out and ignoring messages that aim to sell – content marketing is a way to overcome this and engage with customers without being filtered out.


On average, first time visitors to a web page only become customers an estimated 2% of the time. Retargeting helps overcome this by marketing to people who’ve already visited the website once, maintaining the brand’s presence and repeating suggestion toward the brand. This means the business can advertise on web pages that the customer is most likely to visit in the future and entice them to visit again, rather than simply banking on volume of new web traffic to generate sales.

When it comes to effective marketing, it helps to know the ins and outs of current trends and relevant marketing approaches to keep up with the ever changing environment. Follow this URL to get some professional help with marketing as efficiently and effectively as possible, helping you to get the best possible value for your marketing dollar.

Marketing to the Right Target Market Segment

target market, target marketing, marketingYou can sell your products and services to the entire world today with the internet shrinking the global village. But, would you really want to go international on your selling endeavors? You might be compromising profitability when you attempt to sell to anyone and everyone. Especially for those just starting out in internet marketing, you want to choose the people you sell to. This does not mean that you are being picky at all. You might argue that beggars cannot be choosy. You are hardly begging for anything if you are selling a product or a service that is worth every penny your customers are paying for it. By marketing to the right target market segment, you are actually increasing your chances of success. You are limiting your playing field and implementing a more focused strategy, yet you are also giving your business a bigger chance of making a sale.

Ask the following questions to determine the right target market segment for your products and services:

  •  What are your products’ key benefits? You should know what your products are and what benefits they have for your target market. You have to go beyond this and think about how these can make an impact in the lives of your customers. This is not just about your list of product features, this is about the actual benefits that your customers will experience when the use your products and services.
  •  Who needs your products more? Now that you have zeroed in on your product’s key benefits, you have to put a face to who will appreciate these benefits most. Skincare and cosmetic products are often marketed to the female population. That’s still a broad market to speak to. When you think about the whitening and clarifying benefits of your products, the logical market to target would be women who want to lighten their complexion and those who are prone to skin problems.
  • Who can afford to buy your products? You cannot expect someone who does not have money to buy your products no matter how convinced they are that they need them. You want to target those people with enough financial resources to purchase your products and services. High ticket items, therefore, should be marketed towards those who frequent luxury stores and buy designer brands.

When you have identified the right target market segment for your products and services, you can craft your sales and marketing campaigns to speak, in a more “intimate” manner, to these people. What you have done is to put a face and personality to your customers so that you can talk to them on a more personal level, taking into consideration their quirks and preferences. Such level of communication connects you with your customers in a way that makes it easier for you to actually sell your products and services.

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