The Online Adventure of a Stay at Home Mommy


Hi! I’m Rachelle. I’m a Filipina, stay-at-home mom to two beautiful kids and currently living in Germany.

Before becoming a full-time mom and housewife I was a career woman. I have worked as a Reconciliation Analyst in a Savings Bank. Two years later I transferred to another Savings Bank and became part of its Trust Department. I was a Portfolio Analyst in the Portfolio Management Section and later became the Section Head of its Accounting Operations. That summed up 13 years of my career in the Banking Industry.

Being exposed, even though not to all, to bank transactions made me think of opening a Finance/Business blog and so the birth of OnlineBiz and Resources. I thought this blog would be a source of knowledge on different financial transactions. However, it has become more of a General Business blog. It is now a venue where people, from business sector or not, can find quality information as it covers now broader topics on business, SEO, technology, careers, home and office improvement and a lot more. Nevertheless, articles which tackle on financial transactions will always be present in this blog.

You can also find me here:

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