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5 Steps to a Successful Career Change

There are often days when we feel like we don’t want to be doing our job, and think that we would like to be doing something different to earn our money. Sometimes these are just fleeting fantasies, but sometimes these thoughts (if regular) can be a sign that we need to pull up stumps and go somewhere else. Here are 5 steps to take that will help you to have a successful career change.

change, career, career changeWork out where you want to be

The first thing you need to do is to really work out where you want to be. If you don’t already have a firm idea in mind then you will want to think about the things that you enjoy doing (and are good at), and work from there. It is well known that the people who are happiest in life are the ones who are doing that they enjoy doing, and making your favourite hobby into a career can be easy if you just follow the steps.

Assess your Current Situation and Skillset

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a steady hand, then you are probably never going to be a surgeon, no matter how much you study, or how much money your parents have to buy you your way through medical school. Firstly look at your current situation before you go make any rash decisions or tell your boss to stick it. Looking at yourself, and your current situation honestly will give you an idea about where you might want to go, and where might be the best place for you for the future. If you are pregnant, then it might not be a good time to head off on a career change, as you cannot guarantee how long you will be able to work for. Make a clear assessment and then go from there.

Make a List of Possible Careers and Research

Now that you have taken a long hard look at yourself, you will have an idea about where to next. If you haven’t already done one, make a list of the possible careers and begin researching them, so you can be clear about what really is going to be the right job for you. Look at your long term goals and see how this career will fit into them. Etrainu has courses for you to upskill along the way, which could give you a nice career change.

setting goal, goal, career changeSet Your Goals

Now that you know where you want to be, work out when you want to be there, and start planning the steps for getting yourself there. Setting goals is a great way of helping yourself to stay motivated and on track to where you want to be, and will give you small victories that can keep you on task.

Train for new Career

Once you have your goals all worked out and know what your next one is, it’s time to start. They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so now is the time to take that first one. Once you are on your way, keep on going and eventually you will reach your goal and be free and easy in your new career.

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Contractor Hiring Tips for Businesses

contractor, business contractorIt takes a huge investment to put up a business. It is just right for you to be concerned about hiring the best people to ensure that your investment does not go to waste. A lot of businesses today often hire contractors for many aspects of their business, be it for premises concerns or for specific processes and services. Unfortunately, the best people will not simply fall on your lap. You have to take steps to protect your business from contractors who promise more than they intend to deliver. Your ultimate goal is to find the best contractor who can provide the products and services you need within the budget that you can afford. Looking at it from a different perspective, your search for the best contractor is actually a search for the best partner in your business. The contractor should be one you can trust to help you achieve your business goals.

Before hiring a contractor for your business, go through the following checklist:

Products and Services – the contractor should be able to provide the products and services that you need. It would not be wise to have several contractors when one would suffice. Besides, a more extensive product or service package will allow you to negotiate for better pricing. Check the menu of products and services of your short list of candidate contractors. You also want to ask about the expected deliverables along with other after sales and support services.

Reputation and Track Record – don’t forget to do a background check. The best contractors would have proof of their established track record. This can come by way of actual customer feedback and positive reports in various venues. The local Better Business Bureau will also be able to give you an idea of any negative reports or complaints about a particular contractor. In most cases, even the resolutions of these complaints are recorded in their BBB records.

Cost and Reliability – you want your contractor to give you a reasonable price on the products and services that you are availing of. You might want to compare the prices from one contractor to another. While some would appear to have the same costing, you might want to check other freebies and services that could give more value to one package versus another.

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The Importance of Having a Clean Workplace

workplace, clean workplace

A clean workplace affects productivity of employees.

A clean workplace is essential for any business with the desire to thrive (which I’m assuming is all of you), regardless of the industry. Along with establishing a sense of structure and order, a clean working environment promotes team spirit, benefits healthy and safety requirements, and makes for more productive staff. Bringing up the issue of workplace hygiene with your workers can sometimes pose a difficult issue, with some employers being lax on pushing the subject too hard.

In our workplace, for example, if we don’t tidy up after ourselves, the ping pong table (the light and major entertainment during lunch breaks) gets banned for a week. If you don’t have a ping pong table to barter with, here are some other suggestions you might want to bear in mind, when discussing the idea of workplace cleanliness.

Improves Efficiency and Morale

There’s that old saying that people strive in chaos, however that doesn’t necessarily apply to the cleanliness of the office. When the office is no less than chaotic, the efficiency tends to drop and subsequently lowers morale. An organised and streamlined workplace encourages workers to be more productive with their time and less stressed – especially because they aren’t spending dead time sifting through files. Once a structured system is set up, your workers will be more inclined to take pride in their environment by cleaning up after themselves, maintaining the in-place filing systems, and work effectively with one another.

Looks Professional for Your Clients

Have you ever walked into an office space and felt daunted by the potential of working with a business who keeps a messy space? I know I have. As someone who deals with clients on a regular basis, I will immediately question the company’s credibility and productivity if their space is dirty – even if they are a reputable brand. It’s understandable why offices become messy, with business owners and staff getting so caught up in their daily schedule that office cleanliness slides down the priority ladder. So if you feel like you don’t have the time, there’s no shame in hiring someone to manage the up-keep of your space.

Prevents Safety and Health Hazards

A shambolic business workspace can present a multitude of safety concerns. It could be from old food kept in the fridge too long spreading into other people’s food, causing workers to become ill, or objects piling up causing a trip hazard, or liquids on the ground raising the likelihood of a slip. Remove the clutter, and you’ll have an organised workplace that reduces accidents and the hassle associated with compensation claims.

Keeps the Bugs at Bay

This may not be an issue for corporate buildings, however for small businesses based in rural areas, pests are a serious issue. I used to have an office that constantly came down with a colony of ants every time the season changed. Messy offices are a breeding ground for creepy crawlies, cockroaches, and fruit flies. You can either clean up after your mess in the kitchen, or if it becomes a problem, you can always call on companies like Trusted Pest Management Australia to prevent any further attacks.

Have you ever worked in a messy office? What was the vibe like? Tell us your story and suggestions in the comments below.

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