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Why All Young Entrepreneurs Should Study Charitable Foundations

When young entrepreneurs are looking for ways to give away their money, they need to remember that tossing their cash around is a bad idea. They should look to icons in the business world like Robert Rosenkranz who have started their own foundations. Executive foundations provide an easy way to give away money, and they provide more opportunities for people to get the money that the foundation has to give away.


The Grant Opportunities

When a foundation is started to give away seed money from an executive, the foundation can offer grants to other charities that are in need. These charities are going to be able to apply at any time, and they are going to be able to come back for more money if they need it. The foundation can also apply for its own grants so that it has more money to give away. This makes the foundation into its own enterprise that simply uses the seed money from the executive to get started.

The Business Foundation

When a business wants to have its own foundation, it can use the seed money from the executive to represent the company. This foundation can carry a small staff that is housed within the offices of the business, and it will help the business to gain a larger public profile because of its charitable giving.

The Choice

An executive needs to make a choice between a personal foundation and a business foundation. The issue of governance is one that the executive must consider, but they also want to decide if they want to invite other executives from their company to contribute. The personal foundation can take on the passions of the executive, but the business foundation will have to take on the mission of the company itself.

When business executives are starting their own foundations, they can be studied. Young students and business workers can take a look at all these foundations to see what they should do. This is a study that all students and young workers must undertake so that they can learn how to give away their money. It is impossible to make wise donations to charities when there is not a foundation involved, but people who study business foundations will learn how to give away their money properly. This is the best way for young people to learn about philanthropy.

What A Twitter Feed Tells You About The Life Of An Executive

The Twitter feed of a prominent executive like Sukanto Tanoto is the simplest way to stay connected to the world of business. There are many people who read these Twitter feeds every day to see what these executives are up to, but it is also an easy way to make connections in the business world. When following a person of such magnitude, it is easy to learn from them what they value most in the world of business. Wisdom and insight can be found on these Twitter feeds, but it is also easy to interact with these executives through this platform.


When these executives post to their Twitter feed, anyone can respond to them easily. A conversation be created quickly through these responses, and the executive could be quite impressed with the dialogue they see. This is something that any person can get in on if they are following executives they respect. Also, it is wise for these people to remember that the can send direct messages to people they follow when they need advice. some of the busiest executives in the world are more than happy to answer questions and offer advice to their followers.

Their Schedule

Many people post what they are doing throughout the day on Twitter. They will give every follower an idea of how they manage their schedule, and this could help young followers to build a schedule that works for them. These people need to learn how to manage their schedule more effectively, and they can do so if they are simply analyzing the schedule they see posted to social media.

Quotes And Retweets

These icons in the business world are going to post quotes that they find inspiring, and they will retweet items that they think are helpful. There are many ways to learn from these quotes and retweets, and it is possible to get connected to even more people in the world of business through these exchanges.

There are many ways that a social media feed will help people learn more about the world of business, and they need to follow business giants to get this information. The young worker who is connected to someone they respect on Twitter will be able to keep that line of communication open over the course of many months and years. They will gain many more opportunities and connections than they would have had otherwise.

Knowing Your Zonal Value

Whether it is a commercial establishment or a residential property, not everything is priced the same. There are prime lot spaces and low-cost ones, depending on location, proximity to necessary establishments or civilization, or modern conveniences that make living or working there easy.

With saying that, there is such a thing as a zonal value. This is the appraisal of how much your property cost against current market rates. You need to know the zonal value of your property so that you will know the property tax that you ought to pay annually to the internal revenue. And nobody can escape this. As long as you own a piece of property, annual taxes are inevitable, whether it is earning or not.

Knowing your zonal value may also come in handy when you need to sell your property—or even just put it up for lease. If you need to sell, then you would know the price to announce to potential buyers and also you have the leeway to negotiate while still earning a profit on it.

Depending on what you need it for, you can ask about the zonal value of your property from different institutions. If you want to buy a land and want to know if the real estate agent is giving you a good price, you may ask the bank where you are getting a loan. But if you just need the value for paying taxes, then it is best to just check the online calculator provided by most internal revenue bureaus. You just need to input some information and automatically get a figure.

Just remember, zonal values may differ from current market values of the property. So the figures may differ a lot in terms of negotiating in buying or selling something. Make it a point to find out everything before sealing a deal.

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