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How Social Media Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

Do you use Facebook? How about Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram?

All of these sites are classed collectively as ‘social media,’ and the information which you innocently place on them today could have a negative impact on your claim for compensation following an accident tomorrow.

More and more businesses and organisations are looking at social media channels to find out whether a job candidate, benefit applicant or insurance claimant has anything to hide.

social media, personal injury, injury claim, personal claimInvestigating the private lives of claimants who make fraudulent claims can be justified when considering the burden they place on businesses and the economy at large.

According to CIFAS, the UK’s Fraud Detection Service, fraudulent insurance claims grew by 22.6% between 2012 and 2013.

However, for individuals making a legitimate claim for compensation, there is a risk that information casually placed online could be misinterpreted and used to reduce the much-needed pay-out they are entitled to.

Even if the contents of social media profiles are not enough to prove that someone is making a false claim, the information can be used to discredit claimants and make the compensation process a long, drawn-out and stressful process.

Someone who makes a personal injury claim for a whiplash injury following a road accident may be treated with suspicion if they wrote Facebook updates about heading footballs or playing on a trampoline shortly before their accident.

Someone who makes frequent jokes about being clumsy or accident prone online, may find their claim for compensation challenged following a slip, trip or fall in the workplace.

There are a number of steps social media users can take to prevent their personal information from being later used against them. Privacy settings restrict some investigators from accessing information, but as a member of the Green Party recently discovered, it’s not that simple.

Michael Aberton, who writes a blog about environmental issues, was visited this week by police who wanted him to remove a comment he put on Twitter about UKIP’s policies – even though nothing he had written was illegal.

As he explained, questionable police intervention aside, once something is written online, even if it’s made private, can quickly be “retweeted and appropriated, copied, many times and [he] no longer had any control of it.”

It’s possible that individuals may soon have the right to have information about them online removed from search engines.

In a landmark ruling just this week, Spaniard Mario Costeja González won the right to have historical personal information about himself removed from Google.

González’s application to the European Courts for the “right to be forgotten” was made to escape the financial difficulties of his past. In a statement, he said he was fighting “for the elimination of data that adversely affects people’s honour, dignity and exposes their private lives.”

For anyone seeking compensation for a personal injury that has personal information online that could bring their claim into question, this is good news; the success of González could trigger a change in the way that online information about individuals is obtained.

However, those changes will create logistical difficulties for Google because of the countless ways in which stories, images and comments are so easily distributed, making them unlikely to come into effect any time soon.

Until then, the best advice is to be very careful about what you write online or better yet, write nothing at all.

For free, professional advice on your right to make a personal injury claim, contact the legal team at Accident Compensation 4UK who can help you secure the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

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Why Hiring Building Inspectors is a Must

building inspector, hiring building inspector

Buying a house is a big investment. You do not want to pay good money for a house, only to find out that you have to spend a whole lot more to get it fixed up. It’s easy to say that you can do an ocular inspection of the house, but there are some problems that cannot easily be spotted by people who are not trained for building inspections. There is value in hiring building inspectors who are educated, trained, and experienced in their field of expertise. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should hire a building inspector:

· To check for structural safety – these professionals are well-versed with construction practices and building codes. They can tell whether the building was constructed in compliance with set standards. A building inspection report will tell you that the house that you are buying is indeed safe for you and your family to live in.

· To spot defects that need to be repaired – there are a lot of defects that can be hidden by cosmetic improvements. Building inspectors should be able to spot telltale signs that there could be problems under the polished floor boards or behind the freshly painted walls.

· To ensure value for money – you do not want to be conned into buying a house that is worth less than what you are being charged for it. Although a separate appraisal is necessary if you want a more accurate valuation, a building inspection can give you a good idea about the real condition of the house that you are interested in buying. With your building inspection report, you can decide whether or not you want to negotiate with the seller on the final selling price.

Realizing the importance of hiring a building inspector is not enough. You also have to make sure that you hire the right professional. Find one who is duly accredited by local, national, or international industry associations. It is also important to check that the building inspector you are hiring is licensed, insured, and bonded to perform his duties.

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3 Franchise Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

If you have aspirations to start-up and run a successful business, it is worth considering a number of franchise opportunities that can help you to enjoy professional success and financial prosperity. Today, entrepreneurial business possibilities are sought by many young people. These young professionals are no longer satisfied with traditional work environments. Instead, they actively pursue business opportunities in which success or failure is determined by their own efforts. In fact, many young people show a clear determination to forge their future success and recognise that owning a franchise presents them with the very best way to work towards their dreams.

With the vast number of franchise opportunities that are available today, many young entrepreneurs do not know where to start. Naturally, young entrepreneurs want to know which franchises match with their experiences and interests, the start-up capital requirements, and the types of franchises that are best suited to young entrepreneurs.

Here we look at three of the best franchise ideas for young entrepreneurs

A telco company

telco franchise, telco

If you are strongly oriented towards sales, owning and running a telco franchise is a great idea. Seek information from a franchise operator that specialises in creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs; for example and further information, visit

To run your own telco franchise, it can be as simple as having and using a computer and phone. Because so little is needed in the way of facilities and equipment, a telco company franchise can be the perfect start-up opportunity if you have abundant motivation and true entrepreneurial spirit.

By choosing to work with the right telecommunications aggregator, you gain access to cutting-edge systems and processes, while still developing a brand that is your own. Be sure to understand the support that is available to you as a franchisee. A quality provider will:

  • Facilitate your access to the networks of major carriers
  • Provide you with combined purchasing power
  • Assist you with products
  • Facilitate your success with systems and processes, with features such as one-stop billing and provisioning
  • Enable the success and growth of your business through support and training.

There are many good reasons to consider a telco franchise. The telecommunications industry is growing rapidly, and is a lucrative and ‘recession-resistant’ industry.

A pet care company

pet care, pet sitting, franchise, young entrepreneur

With so many people leading busy lives, filled with demands, the need for professionals who offer pet sitting and dog walking services is certainly on the increase. Be aware though, the services offered are not restricted to dogs and cats. Pet care franchisees may also be asked to care for pets including birds, snakes and spiders.

The fact remains that the pet care industry is enjoying incredible growth with impressive future growth predicted. To start their own business, franchisees do not have to have high net worth, and can feel reassured that they are investing in a low risk industry and will have access to systems that are well-suited to young entrepreneurs.

Home care services

home care, franchise, entrepreneur

Our population is ageing and the demand for non-medical care companies is definitely growing. A franchise in this industry is a great option for young entrepreneurs. The good news is that a home care franchise opportunity can prove to be a great investment, even if you do not have a medical background.

Through a business that offers skilled care, companionship and services within the homes of elderly and disabled people, you are well-positioned to enjoy cash-flow sustainability. For young entrepreneurs, a range of franchise opportunities exist that promise business success and attractive financial gains.

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