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Client Profiling for Investment Managers

Any marketing course will tell you that you need to have the 4Ps: product, place, price, and promotions. These are the essentials of a profitable business. However, a fifth P is necessary to complete the equation. And that is a fairly accurate profile of your clients. The first 4Ps will not succeed in generating the profits that you want to achieve if they are not tailor fit to your target market. As investment managers, understanding the importance of client profiling will allow you to come up with stronger, more competitive, and more compelling investment packages for your market.

client profiling

Client profiling essentially involves gathering information about the people you are selling to. This does not stop with their contact details and purchase history. You need to dig deeper into their attitudes and behavior. To put it simply, it’s like putting a face and a character to the type of clients that you are targeting. Profiling usually starts with demographics information which includes the age, economic status, marital status, educational attainment, occupation, and common hobbies and interests. You then move on to purchase and investment behavior. How do they manage their finances? What kind of savings or investment products do they have? What is their risk appetite? These are just some of the relevant questions that investment managers need to consider before making a move on their client.

All the information that you gather can be used to identify or to develop investment products that are more appealing to your clients. With such targeted marketing efforts, your chances of success in increasing your sales revenues are higher. More importantly, the satisfaction level of your clients in as far as your products and services are concerned is also likely to increase. Client profiling makes it easier for investment managers to build lasting relationships with their clients, especially when the clients realize that their investment partner has taken the time to know them and understand their needs.

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Digital Signature and the Benefits of Using Them

digital signature

Even in today’s digital world, many organisations and individuals do not realise that the internet is not fully secure, and that sharing their documents online can greatly compromise the security and validity of those files. Digital signatures are sophisticated pieces of software that replace your handwritten signature on digital files, and provide additional security benefits for online distribution.

This article will discuss digital signatures, their benefits, and how many online platforms such as Your Digital File are using them to improve security systems for businesses and individuals.

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is software that gives authenticity to a digital file, much in the same way that a handwritten signature gives authenticity to a physical document. A digital signature allows important documents such as wills and financial agreements to be confidently distributed and signed online. There are three important aspects:

  • Authentication: Verifies that the document was sighted and signed
  • Non-Repudiation: Verifies that the document was actually sent
  • Integrity: Verifies that the message was not tampered with in transit.

After a 100-point identity verification, your provider will allocate you with a private ‘key’ that can be used to apply your digital signature to any file. Your key works with the algorithm that sits behind the software to verify your identify and the integrity of the file.

Why are they Important?

The authenticity of a handwritten signature is lost in the online world. Image software can be used to alter a scanned document. If you rely on scanned documents, there is no way to verify that it has not been altered since the agreement was formed. Distributing handwritten signatures online can also increase instances of identify theft.

A digital signature is different. The digital signature confirms that you saw the document, signed the document, and that the document has not changed in any way since signing. This gives you confidence to use online technology for important agreements and transactions.

When should you use one?

You should use a digital signature for any agreement, document or contract – legal, financial, or personal. It’s worth using your digital signature regardless of whether the document will be distributed or stored online. Many organisations now insist on digital signatures, as signatures can be forged on paper documents, pages preceding the signature block can be altered, or the document can be lost entirely.

Tips for using your Digital Signature

Keep your key private. Don’t write it down anywhere that friends, coworkers, staff or contractors could access it, and don’t record it online. The validity of your digital signature is compromised if your key becomes public knowledge. It’s important to follow all directions set by your provider. They’ve set the process in place to ensure the algorithm behind the signature is protected. Following their protocols will ensure you are maintaining the strength of your digital signature.

Finally, use it as much as possible. If you’re presented with a physical document, consider whether you’d be better protected by scanning it and then applying your digital signature.

Digital signatures provide authentication to digital files, removing security concerns that arise from making major agreements and transactions online. Consider how your personal or professional activities could benefit from the added security of a digital signature.

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Understanding LTE Technology

4g, 4g LTE, LTE

Anybody who has had the chance to check out the latest in smartphones has most likely heard about LTE technology. To non-techies, the meaning of this acronym might not exactly be clear. Most people will simply take it to mean that the phone is equipped with something that makes it more modern and, well, hi-tech. This acronym actually refers to Long-Term Evolution. It is most commonly indicated with 4G in the specifications listing of most mobile phones and tablets. It essentially has something to do with wireless connectivity and network functionalities, improving on 2G and 3G network technologies. It makes use of the latest in digital signal processing as well as a simplified IP-based network architecture. This evolved technology is considered to be the current standard in global wireless communication specifically in mobile phones and gadgets with multi-band capabilities.

Going through all the technical jargon would not be all that relevant to a lot of users. What would perhaps be more relevant are the advantages that users can enjoy with the use of 4G LTE technology.

· Faster download speeds – this is probably the best advantage of this technology over earlier 2G and 3G network technologies. 4G mobile devices are able to download at speeds up to ten times faster than those using older technologies. Refresh rates of websites on mobile browsers are at mere seconds as well. Live streaming of music and movies are also made possible with this technology.

·Improved mobility functionality – the limitations of previous network technologies when it comes to mobile office processes, gaming, and cloud services are addressed by 4G technology. File sharing and collaboration can be done on 4G mobile devices with the various apps available for downloading. Even multi-player gaming is possible with this technology. These processes can be done in real time.

·Video capability – with 4G technology, mobile phone users can place and receive video calls from their devices. This is one reason why 4G phones usually have front-facing cameras. These video calls can be made even without a WiFi network.

Technology is never stagnant and 4G is not an exception. There are enhancements already in the pipeline for the 4G LTE technology. Users can expect to enjoy more exciting improvements in their smartphones in the years to come.

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